Redwing & Fieldfare Photography Workshop – 1 day




Waxwing 5Waxwing 5


In this workshop I will take you to several areas on Dartmoor to photograph Redwing and Fieldfare. But because it is Dartmoor there is also a possibility of a rarity including Waxwings.

Initially, on booking your workshop we will discuss your wildlife photography needs and after the workshop I will send you, by email, a pdf document containing all the wildlife digital photography notes so you can remember what has been taught on the day.


Day One

The day will begin with us meeting at a “designated time and place”, agreed by us prior to the day. I will drive us around Dartmoor National Park where our Redwing and Fieldfare photography will begin. At approximately 5pm, depending on the light, we will return back to the “designated place” (a packed lunch is included).


Workshop includes:-

The workshop will consist of tuition on Camera Settings, Autofocus modes, ISO, Exposure modes, Metering, File types, Depth of field, White balance, Histogram etc.

How to use natural light including front, side and backlight to achieve different images.

Learning where wildlife can be found, reconnoitring an area for wildlife.

Types of hide, Camouflage, Field craft skills and where to use them.

Taking the photo, Focus, Exposure compensation, Composition, Background etc.

At the end of the course you will receive some digital photography course notes.

Although I have stated the above please use it only as a guide as the workshop can be adjusted and tailor-made to suit your individual needs.

(In this workshop I will take it that you know how to change the settings on your camera.)


Group Size

1 person to a maximum of 3 people in the group.


Fitness Level

This workshop will involve an amount of walking with some hill work on uneven terrain so a reasonable level of fitness is required. You might also be required to crawl on wet/damp ground to get closer to your subject.


Equipment Needed

You will need to provide your own photographic equipment, preferably a DSLR camera with the longest lens you own. Any lens or a zoom from 400mm up to 600mm is ideal but a 300mm plus a converter will suffice. Please bring a waterproof cover for your camera and lens to protect your equipment. You will also require a tripod or a monopod and spare memory cards.

Please bring the manual for your camera.



Dartmoor’s landscape is quite exposed and the weather can change quite rapidly so please bring appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry. A breathable, thin layering system, (NOT cotton), works best. A hat, jacket, trousers or leggings and stout walking boots. These should all be waterproof and camouflaged or of a muted dark colour due to the subjects we are photographing.



Price per person

The Special Offer Introductory price for this workshop is £100 and includes tuition, notes, packed lunch and all excursions.


Price Excludes

Your Personal and equipment insurance cover.



Booking Your Workshop

If you would like to book this photography workshop please send an email to [email protected], specify a date you prefer (any day between 15th November 2019 and 30th December 2019) and state that you require a 1 day Redwing and Fieldfare Photography Workshop.

Remember this is wildlife, and wildlife does what it wants so there is no guarantee that they will be seen.


Insurance Indemnity

Robin Stanbridge Photography cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items or for personal accident or injury and all activities are entered into at your own risk.  You are responsible for making sure that your own personal insurance is in place, covering medical and emergency expenses, personal accident, injury and death in addition to loss of, or damage to, luggage, possessions and personal possessions. You are also responsible for your own personal medication and it is essential that you bring extra supplies with you.



If you require accommodation Acorn Lodge is available please see For details.