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Taking our cameras out and getting lots of images is one thing, but in this digital world at some stage you will want to download them onto your computer and show them to other people. To get the best image from all your hard work as a photographer you will need to shoot in RAW but even if you shoot in JPEG you will still need to post process your images to get the best out of them. Now is the time you will find out that taking the image is only a small part of the creation of a digital image. You can spend more time sat in front of the computer processing the image then actually taking it, especially if you do not understand the process.

At times it is necessary to bring back to life the image you tried to capture in the field using your eyes. Human eyes see more information than the digital camera does, e.g. the different intensities of highlights and shadows, different colours etc., that will need to be recovered during post processing, along with other changes you want to make to recreate the image and experience you saw. Post processing is the modern day darkroom so we must learn to embrace and enjoy it to give the viewer of our image the finished splendour of our experience.

This is where my One to One or One to Two (maximum) Post Processing workshop comes in. By using both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop in this one day workshop I will show you all the secrets and aspects of my post processing workflow. The knowledge and the techniques you'll learn in this course are essential to good photography. You will learn how to turn good images into great ones, it will help speed up your post processing time and help develop your own post processing workflow.

This workshop is for all levels of photographers who want to learn how to get the most out of their RAW images. It will give you inspiration and a fresh new way of looking at the software you have available to you as a photographer to become truly artistic with your images.

Workshop Day

The day will start at 9am and you will receive tuition about the post processing workflow of digital photography using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software until 12 noon. A light lunch is supplied. The course will resume at about 12:45pm and conclude at about 4pm.

Workshop includes

Discuss and show why you should shoot in RAW.

Discuss different file formats.

Post Processing of an image:-

Using Adobe Lightroom

Showing you how to download your images into Adobe Lightroom.


Discuss and show how to use Adobe Lightroom as your ever growing image library within the Library module.


Selecting an image and process it within the non-destructive Develop module.


This will be done by going through:-

White balance



The Crop Tool

Straighten Tool

Spot Removal

Adjustment Brush

Graduated Filter










Tone curve

Hue / Saturation / Luminance on a single colour

Pre sharpening

Lens Distortions

Removing Colour Fringing and Chromatic Aberrations


Saving and Exporting the image to Adobe Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop

Finishing and polishing off the image

This will be done by going through:-

Opening the image in Adobe Photoshop

Discuss and show the benefits of using Layers

Discuss and show the benefits of using masks

Cloning Tool

Patch and Healing Tools

Dodge & Burn

Noise Reduction

Sharpening techniques

Discuss Saving options and resizing the image for different media

Group Size

Maximum of 2.


The price for this workshop including tuition, notes and a light lunch is £85.

Price for Second Student

For a second student, it will be £60.

Price Excludes

All other meals, personal and equipment insurance.

Booking Your Workshop

If you would like to book the Post Processing workshop please send an email to [email protected] and specify the date you require, any dietary needs and state that you require a Post Processing Workshop.


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Insurance Indemnity

Robin Stanbridge Photography cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, or for personal accident or injury and all activities are entered into at your own risk.