Pamela Lelean(non-registered)
I love all your photos especially the robins
I read your blog and learned so much. I will try to make my very small garden a place for birds to visit. I have Hummingbirds visiting and bats.
Mick Lobb(non-registered)
Wonderful advice in your latest blog - if you have a half decent garden. As so many commentators and experts do, there is an assumption that everyone has half an acre of land surrounded by forest, heath or native woodland. Most of us do not and will never achieve very much in the way of wildlife photography in our back gardens. My plot is 20ft x 20ft has 2 ponds bushes, wild area, flower beds and lawn and has been developed over 30 some years. I have produced a few reasonable images there having provided wide variety of foodstuff on 'set ups' but, in an urban, relatively modern housing estate, there is no chance at all of any great success. Please forgive the rant but I do get rather irritated by those who promote such expectation in those who will never achieve it.
Julie West(non-registered)
Re: ideas for your big holiday. Try this site for accommodation but why not go to a good independent Travel Agent and ask them to find you a good local guide to get you to suitable locations.

Also try Wildlife Worldwide they also do tours to the bears. Think I’ve heard Knights Inlet (something like that) is a good spot for bears fishing the salmon
Lee Summersby(non-registered)
Great site, lots of inspiration. I live in Topsham, close to a fair few good wildlife spots.
Colin Rees(non-registered)
Great site and great pictures, thanks Robin.
Paul fine(non-registered)
Thanks again Robin ,, really enjoying the blogs
Colin Mucklow(non-registered)
Lovely story of the Dipper Robin)
I was in Devon last week and managed to get some pictures of the Dipper like you I had to shoot at very low shutter speed and hi ISO.
But it was worth posting.
joanne hitchcock(non-registered)
Lovely Robin. Enjoy reading your adventures
Suesy Fulton(non-registered)
Hi there,
Loving the blog and especially the latest Dipper entry, having been watching out local one for sometime, I can well understand the task involved!
Looking forward to following your adventures.
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