Digital Camera Workshop


Have you been given a digital camera for your birthday or Christmas?

Have you had a digital camera for a while but not used it to its full potential?

Do you take lots of images just hoping for a good one?

Do you get a lot of out of focus images?

Do you want to get the most out of your digital camera?

Do you want to learn how to take superb images with it?

If this sounds like you,

then book yourself on to this workshop today as this

One Day Digital Camera Workshop will improve your photography.


During this workshop you will learn how to use your digital camera to its full potential 


achieve better quality images that you will be proud to produce.




This workshop will help you understand the many menus your camera has.


You will learn:-

How to use your camera's Exposure Modes including Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority & Manual. 

ISO -  The good & bad points about high & low ISO

The Exposure Triangle F-stop (Aperture), Shutter speed & ISO

Use the different Metering Types, using Over/Under Exposure to create the image you want & using Exposure compensation

Understand the histogram and using it to get the correct exposure

Using the different Focusing methods including One shot, Continuous and Manual

Using different Colour Space's including sRGB & Adobe (1998) RGB

When to use different File Types including RAW, TIFF & Jpg

Setting the White Balance and using different Settings & Auto to achieve different effects

Think about your Composition and using the Rule of Thirds.

Your new skills will be tested throughout the day so that they start to become embedded in your memory so will be easy to use and remember. 


This course is perfect for photographers of all levels, whether you have a digital camera like a DSLR, Bridge or Mirrorless with no previous knowledge or some understanding of digital photography this course will enhance your proficiency.


What's included:- Tuition from Robin Stanbridge, Lunch (sandwiches) & Drinks

Whats Not included:- Transport to venue and back (unless staying at Acorn Lodge), Personal and Camera Insurance

Equipment needed:- Digital camera and lenses, fully charged battery(s) and a clear formatted memory card (minimum 4GB recommended), Notebook & pen

Camera either DSLR, Mirrorless, Four-thirds and Bridge.

Group Size:- Small with a maximum of 3 students per day / tutor so you will get a lot of one to one time.

Time:- Full day 9am to 4pm.

Cost:- £75