Lee Summersby(non-registered)
Great site, lots of inspiration. I live in Topsham, close to a fair few good wildlife spots.
Colin Rees(non-registered)
Great site and great pictures, thanks Robin.
Paul fine(non-registered)
Thanks again Robin ,, really enjoying the blogs
Colin Mucklow(non-registered)
Lovely story of the Dipper Robin)
I was in Devon last week and managed to get some pictures of the Dipper like you I had to shoot at very low shutter speed and hi ISO.
But it was worth posting.
joanne hitchcock(non-registered)
Lovely Robin. Enjoy reading your adventures
Suesy Fulton(non-registered)
Hi there,
Loving the blog and especially the latest Dipper entry, having been watching out local one for sometime, I can well understand the task involved!
Looking forward to following your adventures.
Paul fine(non-registered)
Again a very interesting blog Robin , many thanks , very enjoyable ,keep them coming
Gary Dyson(non-registered)
Very interesting Robin.
Richard Kinson(non-registered)
Enjoyable and interesting read
Sandy MacLennan(non-registered)
Thank you very much for your excellent Lightroom tips. Scary process when you first start!
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